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The metrology track offers insightful sessions from Hexagon Metrology.

Why measure the products you produce? Simple – producing a quality product impacts throughout, increasing efficiency and profitability.

Join us to learn how your peers are using actionable information to increase productivity across all types of industry. Understand how others have implemented ground-breaking inspection methodologies to improve their processes. Presentations will include reports on industry trends, new technology introductions and interactive technology demonstrations.

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Metrology Keynote Speaker

Featured Keynote

Sensing. Thinking. Acting. | Norbert Hanke

Tuesday, 2 June at 09:30 a.m. | Watch on HxGN TV

Sense. Think. Act. This basic cycle is the paradigm at the heart of humankind’s dreams of artificial intelligence. But why do we try to define and create the ultimate in automation to personify these three words? Surely not just to mechanise tasks that people can do already – but also to mirror our desire to push the boundaries of what is possible, to learn and develop independently and collaboratively and take progress to new levels.

The Metrology keynote at HxGN LIVE 2015 explores what drives us down the road of invention – being different, being fearless, being dynamic.

Norbert Hanke, president of Hexagon Metrology, addresses how imagination aligns with process and workflow to design the cutting-edge technology solutions we produce for our customers today and develop for tomorrow. With the help of guest speakers from across the business and customer base, the presentation shows how we find and cultivate synergies between old and new capabilities to move forward. This speed of innovation ensures that we lead the field by sensing, thinking and acting to produce technologies that do the same.

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Automation: Putting quality in motion

Because smart ideas need smart manufacturers

Industry never stands still, so join us at HxGN LIVE 2015 as we bring quality automation to life! The metrology track shows you how new innovations are putting quality in motion, accelerating production and manufacturing progress.

Take this inspiring technology tour and see how dynamic businesses like yours are integrating automated quality control solutions within processes to improve efficiency and boost productivity. Highlighting key metrology trends and introducing new measurement technologies through visionary keynote presentations and interactive demonstrations, our industry experts reveal what’s next for automation and robotics. Along the way you’ll explore how actionable information informs active responses, while solution-focused breakout sessions give you the knowledge you need to optimise your operations and move forward with your automation strategy.

Automation without limits

Discover the data-driven approach to manufacturing and learn how leaders in your industry and beyond made the decision to automate quality control. Through the experiences of your peers, you gain an insight into your future. At HxGN LIVE you step into our world and see what quality automation means for yours.

Metrology track highlights:

  • Justifying Automation: How to select the right automated solution for your business
  • In-process Measurement: Tips for successfully integrating quality control in your processes
  • Metrology and Process Management: The role of actionable information in your factory
  • Future Skills: Training and development for the automation-era workforce
  • Cloud Computing: The new technologies forecast for manufacturing today and tomorrow
  • Internet of Connected Products: Bringing the fourth industrial revolution from theory to reality

The HxGN LIVE conference in Las Vegas will also host the 2015 VERO Software Distributors Meeting as an exclusive additional track.

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