The Safety & Infrastructure Track at HxGN LIVE 2018 will focus on the rapidly evolving technologies and trends impacting the world around us. Discover how our mobile, cloud and analytics solutions – developed with our users in mind – can help shape your organisation’s potential. Learn how cities everywhere can leverage our integrated solutions and coordinated capabilities to become safer places to live, work and visit. HxGN LIVE is the premier technology conference to attend to gain the most from your Hexagon investments. Don’t miss it! 

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This year we’re offering more complimentary hands-on sessions than ever to help you take your Hexagon software to the next level. HxGN LIVE is an investment, which is why we’re tailoring each workshop to help you get the most out of your experience.

Check out the all-day public safety training sessions on Tuesday, 12 June:

Hands-on Training: I/CAD Essentials

Whether you’re a new I/CAD user or have some experience under your belt, this day-long training session with Hexagon product experts offers something for everyone. Open to fire, law enforcement, and EMS users, this hands-on course will give you a solid foundation of the essential functions of I/CAD. Get ready to increase your knowledge, boost your productivity, and enhance the quality and availability of critical information.

In this session, learn about:

  • Creating and updating events and their status
  • Utilising the map, including commands, controls, and views
  • Updating unit properties and statuses
  • Performing event, unit, and employee inquiries
  • Communicating with other users
  • Executing agency, advanced, and supervisory functions

This session is for I/CAD users familiar with I/Dispatcher, I/Calltaker, and Microsoft Windows products.

Hands-on Training: Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS

Your job is demanding. As you’re asked to do more with less, you must also manage your data. Join us for a first-hand look into how you can leverage Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS to make your job easier. Whether you’re a WebRMS expert or beginner, you’ll learn valuable lessons from Hexagon support experts on how to streamline your public safety records data.

In this session, learn about:

  • Basic and complex case and investigation workflows within WebRMS
  • Simplified administrative customization and configurations
  • Robust alert features and notifications
  • New information and data capture requirements

This session is for WebRMS users familiar with Windows-based applications, administrative tasks, and agency workflows. Come prepared to share your agency’s operations for incident and traffic accident reporting, case investigations, evidence and asset management, arrest processes, and more.

Hands-on Training: I/CAD System Administration – Advanced

If you’re already familiar with system administration basics of I/CAD, it’s time to take it to the next level. Make the most of your I/CAD during this all-day, deep-dive training session, where you’ll learn advanced system administration and configuration tasks from top Hexagon product experts.

In this session, learn how to:

  • Modify resources in Visual Studio
  • Make new modifications in monitors through WPF
  • Help I/CAD users by creating workflows
  • Manage configuration files in CADDBM

This session is for experienced I/CAD system administrators and other stakeholders familiar with Windows-based applications, administrative tasks, and agency workflows. You should have a working knowledge of I/CAD and Microsoft SQL Server databases, as well as other I/CAD products, including CADDBM, I/Executive, and I/Dispatcher.

Hands-on Training: I/CAD System Administration – Core

When every moment counts, getting the most out of your I/CAD system is critical. Sharpen your skills as an I/CAD system administrator in this day-long, hands-on training session. You’ll learn best practices from top-notch Hexagon support and implementation experts and use administrative tools and products to create a working I/CAD system.

In this session, learn about:

  • Managing I/CAD server and client software (Windows)
  • Loading and configuring I/CAD databases
  • Adding static data
  • Configuring the I/CAD environment
  • Loading map tables
  • Setting I/CAD parameters
  • Creating a DEV system and configuration connections
  • Working with command line and key-ins

This session is for experienced I/CAD users familiar with Windows-based applications, administrative tasks, and agency workflows. You should have a working knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server databases and I/CAD products, including CADDBM, I/Executive, and I/Dispatcher.

Hands-on Training: Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety

Every day, you deliver vital services that cities everywhere depend on. Hone your skills and take home new ones during this informative, all-day training session on Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety. Discover how this remote application functions with I/CAD to provide first responders with the insight they need to handle any incident in the field.

In this session, learn about:

  • Navigating the application and map
  • Creating, receiving, and updating events
  • Performing inquiries
  • Handling units, including updates and status changes
  • Communicating with other users
  • Using Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety on mobile data computers or laptops
  • Managing active event, unit, and agency operations

This session is for Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety users familiar with Windows-based operations and mobile data computers.


The Tuesday, 12 June, trainings have limited space, so don’t wait! Register today.

How to Add Hands-on Training to Your HxGN LIVE Registration

  1. Visit
  2. Log in with the username and password created when you registered for HxGN LIVE
  3. Click “Registration – Registration Only”
  4. At the bottom of the Registration Information page, click “Purchase Registration Items”
  5. Select the all-day training session you want to attend and click “Continue”
  6. You’re all set!

Featured Sessions

  • 6000 - IoP > IoT

    1 Hour Divisional Keynote

    Every day, you hear the buzz about the enormous potential of IoT. None would disagree that things are important to connect, and Hexagon is connecting millions of devices that are advancing Smart and Safe Cities. But yours is a higher calling than connecting simply “things.” We will never achieve Smart Cities together unless we enable an Internet of... View More

    Steven Cost | President | Hexagon (Safety & Infrastructure)

    Wednesday, Jun 13, 08:00 AM - 9:00 AM
    Venetian Ballroom
  • 6025 - Security at Hyper-Scale: Defending Users & Data in Today's & Tomorrow's Threat Environment

    45 Minutes Breakout Session

    Enterprises around the world are becoming software companies, whether they know it or not. Your ability to run and expand your business depends on how you understand and use large and ever-growing amounts of data. This is a primary reason to move to cloud services. Cybersecurity is another reason. Traditional security tools will not help you identify and... View More

    Mark Mclntyre | Senior Director & Chief Security Advisor | Microsoft Corporation

    Wednesday, Jun 13, 04:30 PM - 5:15 PM
    Bellini - 2104-2106
  • 6030 - Backstage Pass LIVE!

    45 Minutes Divisional Keynote

    Shakespeare once said, all the world's a stage, and we are just players. While that may be true, in the world of Hexagon, you, our customers, are the stars, and we your supporting cast. Get ready to peek behind the curtain as Kalyn Sims and Dan Retzer shine the spotlight on some of the "backstage" individuals who make Hexagon solutions possible. Meet the... View More

    Dan Retzer | Alabama | Hexagon (Safety & Infrastructure)
    Kalyn Sims | | Hexagon (Safety & Infrastructure)

    Thursday, Jun 14, 08:00 AM - 8:45 AM
    Bellini - 2104-2106
  • 6205 - Hands-on Training: Using Windows Presentation Foundation in CAD, Part I

    1 Hour 45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)

    Maximize your I/CAD system with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), an important function that helps developers build desktop applications in Windows. In this hands-on training session, hear from Hexagon product experts about WPF structures and how you can configure them for your agency. Learn about: Tips and tricks for manipulating WPF How I/CAD... View More

    Donno Cole | Technical Director | Hexagon (Safety & Infrastructure)

    Thursday, Jun 14, 10:00 AM - 11:45 AM
    Titian - 2202
  • 6501 - EPRI Insights: Modeling Complex Data for Utility Operations

    45 Minutes Breakout Session

    Building a solid foundation for managing GIS and grid model data is critical to the future of utilities around the world. Hear from Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Technical Executive Pat Brown about EPRI's vision to minimize outage effects, cut maintenance costs, and better operate the power grid. Discover actionable strategies for improving GIS... View More

    Pat Brown | Technical Executive | Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

    Thursday, Jun 14, 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM
    Bellini - 2103
  • 6031 - When Your Contingency Plan Fails

    45 Minutes Divisional Keynote

    Disruptive technologies and natural disasters are the 21st century's new normal. These significant events fall outside typical daily operations and can strain resources and infrastructure to their limit. You can plan and prepare, but what happens when those contingency plans fail? How can you rise above the chaos? Join Bill Campbell as he addresses how... View More

    Bill Campbell | Senior Vice President | Hexagon (Safety & Infrastructure)

    Friday, Jun 15, 08:00 AM - 8:45 AM
    Bellini - 2104-2106
  • PSUG - Hexagon Public Safety User Group Meeting

    1 Hour User Group Meetings

    All public safety HxGN LIVE attendees are welcome to join this annual meeting as the Hexagon Public Safety User Group community discusses relevant issues and promotes networking with other users. Become informed on the current activities of this users' group, and get to know your peers and officer representatives. View More

    Friday, Jun 15, 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM
    Titian - 2205-2206

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