This series of events will take place in Mumbai and New Delhi across two days and will be a fantastic place to explore the latest trends in the industry, whilst networking with your peers and experts in the field.

About the Event

How can your organization improve the performance of capital projects? Why do so many projects experience overruns despite your best efforts? What can you do to mitigate risks of the project? Find yourself asking these often? Have you considered incentivizing predictability to accelerate project performance?

Join our event to find out how you could:

  • Improve project performance: find out how real-time visibility into project metrics serves as an early warning system, allowing project teams to proactively root out sources of cost and schedule over runs before it's too late.

  • Do more high-value work: learn how data integration and automated reporting could help improve efficiency and spend less time consolidating data, manually creating Excel reports, or troubleshooting errors.

  • Standardize best practices: built-in solutions combined with configurable workflows ensure that your carefully developed processes for project success are being used across the entire organization.