Join Us to Optimize Your Project Performance Through Increased Predictability

Date & Locations: 30th April, 2019 in Mumbai & 2nd May, 2019 in New Delhi
Time: 9:00 AM start followed by lunch and networking

With so many pressures on organizations to deliver projects and assets safer, faster, cheaper and with ever-evolving industries, there are plenty of challenges to overcome. Project complexity is growing. It’s a truth we’ve seen across a multitude of industries as projects become more ambitious, take on new technological challenges, and command stratospheric budgets.

According to research done by the CII, fewer than 6% of projects deliver planned financial returns. McKinsey reports that megaprojects fare even worse, with 98% experiencing cost overruns or schedule delays.

Major organizations, once seemingly impervious to project cost overruns which had paled in comparison to revenues the projects produce, are now directly impacted by the sheer cost of megaprojects and their negative impact on near-term profits.

During the sessions we will discuss best practices and the critical role of software in helping you increase predictability and maximize your revenue while controlling costs.

Join our event to find out how you could:

  • Improve project performance: find out how real-time visibility into project metrics serves as an early warning system, allowing project teams to proactively root out sources of cost and schedule over runs before it's too late

  • Do more high-value work: learn how data integration and automated reporting could help improve efficiency and spend less time consolidating data, manually creating Excel reports, or troubleshooting errors.

  • Standardize best practices: built-in solutions combined with configurable workflows ensure that your carefully developed processes for project success are being used across the entire organization.

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