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Aspen Technology (AspenTech) is a leading software supplier for optimizing asset performance. Our products thrive in complex, industrial environments where it is critical to optimize the asset design, operation and maintenance lifecycle. AspenTech uniquely combines decades of process modeling expertise with machine learning. Our purpose-built software platform automates knowledge work and builds sustainable competitive advantage by delivering high returns over the entire asset lifecycle. As a result, companies in capital-intensive industries can maximize uptime and push the limits of performance, running their assets safer, greener, longer and faster. For more information visit: AspenTech.com

Brownfield Solutions Ltd. is a consulting and support company focusing on the digitization of engineered and asset information for Owner/Operators allowing for integration of this information into day to day operations. Brownfield Solutions has the ability to merge customer and user needs with business requirements, budgetary restrictions and logistical considerations, allowing Owner/Operators to maintain and re-use engineered information throughout the life-cycle of a facility. Through continued engagement and collaboration with Hexagon PPM, Brownfield Solutions ensures individualized customer deliverables thus enabling sustainment and profitability amongst Owner/Operators. For more information visit: brownfieldsolutions.ca


InSource Solutions is committed to the revitalization of manufacturing in America. We exist to make manufacturers more productive & profitable. InSource provides tailored, scalable solutions that integrate technology with management systems and continuous improvement tools to ensure that you achieve and then sustain success, however you define it. The world of modern manufacturing is complex. Our product and services offerings allow you to simplify it. For more information visit: insource.solutions

Radix is a Digital Engineering Company that successfully combines Engineering Technology (ET), Operations Technology (OT), and Information Technology (IT) into unique solutions. Radix has 500+ engineers and uses a multi-disciplined approach to deliver value. Radix differentiates through its people and its success is driven by the visionary leadership, innovative organizational culture, and futuristic digital transformational strategy. Radix has a diversified portfolio that includes Oil and Gas, Pulp and Paper, Metals and Mining, Chemicals, Academic, Transportation, Utility & Power Generation, Entertainment, etc. Radix collaborates with customers to develop transformational digital solutions that result in expanding and extending margins and profitability. For more information visit: radixeng.com

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ReVisionz is a specialized consulting company providing End-to-End Asset Information Management Solutions to support owner operator’s Operational Excellence and Digital Transformation initiatives. Our point of view is that the path to Operational Excellence and Digital Transformation is paved with high quality asset information.

Most companies today are not be able to achieve their Operational Excellence and Digital Transformation goals of improved safety, higher asset reliability and lower costs with the current state and quality of their asset information. That is why companies are turning to ReVisionz to help them significantly improve their asset information accessibility and quality.

ReVisionz is typically engaged to define the why, what, and how of asset information solutions.

We provide:

Digital Plant Services: classification and validation of tags, documents and data; identification of conflicting drawings and documents; conversion of documents to data; establishment of governance leading to improved Management of Change; and the set-up and sustainment of engineering design tools/information systems.

Operational Readiness Services: Ensuring fully effective asset information handover from the EPC to owner operator; quality control and auditing of information deliverables; extraction of tags and master data for the purpose of populating operational systems; and the requirements, architecture, configuration and implementation of engineering design tools/information systems to support the plant lifecycle.

ReVisionz has a proven history of delivering exceptional value. Over the last 19 years we have developed methodologies, practices, templates and solutions that assist our clients in achieving results faster and at lower risk. We leverage our global execution capabilities to help lower costs for our clients.

To start your Operational Excellence and Digital Transformation journey, we usually begin with a quick assessment of your as-is current state of asset information and practices. That, aligned with your business goals and objectives, will enable us to develop a fit-for-purpose roadmap for you. For more information visit: revisionz.com

SDS/2, a Nemetschek company, is a leading software innovator for the steel industry's fabrication, detailing and engineering sectors. SDS/2 software products provide automatic connection optimization, detailing, engineering information, fabrication data and much more, reducing the time required to design, detail, fabricate and erect steel. For more information visit: sds2.com