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The Geosystems Track offers 17 hands-on trainings for all different levels and needs. Browse through the offer and book today your spot as the attendance is limited.

08:00 – 12:00 hrs | HDS U - Collection & Processing of Reality Capture Data
Our Reality Capture portfolio covers a wide range of sensors from terrestrial scanners to mobile units including the Backpack and Pro Scan. This session provides you with a unique opportunity to test drive these sensors and capture data during the class. You will rotate through the different stations for hands on experience and talk to Leica specialists about the sensors applications, accuracy and specifications.

08:00 – 12:00 hrs | HDS-U - Introduction to Register360
Register360 is Leica’s newest registration platform for combing point cloud data. Designed with a streamlined and modern interface, Register360 boasts quick import times, jet stream technology and simplified quality tools for point cloud registration. This introductory class will introduce you to the new interface and how to import data from different sources, create and utilize sitemaps, and align scans together to create complete bundles.  You will explore QA/QC techniques, finalize and export registration to create a final product.

08:00 – 12:00 hrs | HDS U - Data Extraction Tools
Reality Capture sensors boast some of the cleanest data on the market making data extraction easier than ever. This class will explore the time saving tools within Cyclone and Cloudworx used to extract information for your deliverables. Topics will include efficient site and roadway topographic mapping, recommended scanning resolutions and sensor placement, optimal workflows, segmenting the cloud into workable pieces ad removing the potentially confusing and overwhelming aspects of working with too much data.

08:00 – 12:00 hrs | HDS U - Maximizing ACAD / IMS Map360 workflows with CloudWorx Point Cloud Tools
Maximizing Cloudworx through all our software platforms enables users to efficiently handle, manipulate, extract and produce deliverables with point cloud data. An extensive set of tools and jet stream technology provides a seamless working environment for point cloud extraction. You will learn how to load the point cloud data, set the UCS, hide and clip the cloud, draw both in 2D and 3D, model using the fitters and other tips and tricks.

08:00 – 12:00 hrs | HDS U - Reality Capture Web Viewing Tools/Workflows
Web viewing tools and cloud services are extremely popular tools for professionals to share data and collaborate with their clients or colleagues.  This session will explore methods to best use and deploy Cyclone PUBLISHER, Register360, Local TruView, TruView Enterprise and Jet Stream Viewer. You will learn about newly released features, how to maximize these local and web-based tools, using custom images for site maps, HTML tools, geotags, publishing CAD models with point cloud data in TruView and creating and sharing Markups and Hotlinks. These tips will improve the quality of your visual tools for your company and clients setting your company apart from the competition.

08:00 – 12:00 hrs | Accuracy & Precision in Survey Measurements
This session provides an overview of accuracy and precision as it relates to modern surveying equipment and measurement systems. This starts with a quick review on the basic concept of accuracy, precision and error theory. The remainder of the discussion will focus on how these principles apply to the total station, leveling and GNSS technologies that we utilize today. You will leave with a practical understanding of how these issues impact the end deliverable provided to their client, as well as how to achieve the most precise result while still maintaining a maximum of efficiency and productivity.

08:00 – 10:00 hrs | Precise Leveling – Digital Levels Have Changed the Survey Industry Forever
The introduction of the original NA2000 digital by Wild Heerbrugg in 1999 has forever changed the way that we view precise leveling for our projects.  This was followed by the DNA10/03 digital levels and we are now at the third generation of this technology with the introduction of the LS10/15 digital levels a few years ago.  We will closely examine the utilization of this technology in both the field and office workflow.  Equipment configuration, check and adjust and data acquisition methods will be outlined in detail.  Once we have acquired the high-quality data, we must ensure proper handling of the data or it would be meaningless.  The session will end with an examination of processing the level lines and networks in the Leica Infinity software.

10:15 – 12:15 hrs | HDS U - Processing Reality Capture data from the Construction site in 3DReshaper
3D Reshaper is an extremely powerful point processing software for 3D modeling, meshing tools, inspections, monitoring, volumes, comparing data, and isolating surface data. Its many tools and great reporting structure create meaningful and accurate deliverables for clients. Insight into these valuable tools will teach attendees how to maximize the software for their own jobs.  Learn to easily process your reality capture data in 3DReshaper and create deliverables for things like Flatness, Levelness, Plumbness, Slope analysis, or comparing your reality capture to a model and quantifying deviation as a distance and/or a volume.

13:00 – 17:00 hrs | HDS U - Ground Truthing & Surface Creation from Reality Capture Data Sources
3D Reshaper is an extremely powerful point processing software for 3D modeling, meshing tools, inspections, monitoring, volumes, comparing data, and isolating surface data. Its many tools and great reporting structure create meaningful and accurate deliverables for clients. Insight into these valuable tools will teach attendees how to maximize the software for their own jobs.  The first part of the class will cover the basic tools of 3D Reshaper teaching users how to import and manipulate single and multiple point clouds, draw, snap to points, line work, cloud segmentation, cut planes, limit boxes and how to maximize the recycle bin. During the second part of class, you will learn usable workflows they can take away and apply immediately to their scan jobs.

13:00 – 17:00 hrs | HDS U - Advanced REGISTER360
Advanced Register360 will delve deeper into the capabilities of this registration platform. Register360 supports target registration, importing and registering to control. This session will show how to set survey grade parameters, handle large datasets, troubleshoot misalignment issues, site map scaling and how to handle registrations with multiple site maps such as different floors of a building or parking garage. You will learn how to use the cleaning tools, tips and tricks for successful registrations and export options to Jet Stream and TruView.

13:00 – 17:00 hrs | HDS U - Reality Capture Tips and Tricks
The Reality Capture software suite is a powerful collection of program solutions for point cloud processing. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new user looking to get an edge, this session is filled with helpful hints that will enhance your user experience across multiple platforms.  This class will highlight tips and tricks for the Pegasus software, Cyclone, Register360, data collection and computer performance. You will learn short cuts to help improve field and office efficiency and create better deliverables.

13:00 – 17:00 hrs | Introduction to LISTECH Neo - next generation surveying and geospatial software
This introductory class provides an overview of Neo software using practical exercises to enable participants to collaborate on projects easily, seamlessly transfer attribute rich data between various GIS, BIM, field sensors and CAD systems and apply inbuilt project templates for quick project creation.

13:00 – 17:00 hrs | HDS U - Registering and Applying Control to Reality Capture Data
Using Leica Geosystems Reality Capture sensors is a solution for many of the challenges that professionals face in today's market.  One key to the successful use of these tools is achieving efficiency in both the field and office. There are many time saving tools within Leica Geosystems scanners and the Cyclone and CloudWorx suite of products that can help to efficiently achieve the accurate results needed.  You will learn how to apply control to P series data, Pegasus 2, the Backpack, UAV and the BLK using both Cyclone and Register360.

13:00 – 15:00 hrs | HDS U - Combining Multiple Data Sources
Points clouds created by sensors in the Reality Capture basket can be combined in one single Leica software.  Each sensor having different uses and specifications, produces varying levels of accuracy which potentially affects how data sources are merged.  This hands-on session will analyze and combine data from multiple sensors including different file formats and illustrate best work flow practices. You will learn QA/QC techniques for large integrated datasets.

15:15 – 17:15 hrs | RTK GNSS Best Practices and More…
During this session we will investigate some of the documented best practices for surveying with RTK.  These are well established and vary a bit from one document to another, but do provide a reasonable standard for RTK collection practices.  As we move forward with the GNSS modernization, the addition of more satellites in newer constellations, as well as additional signal sources provide many advantages for us to utilize.  We are often able to achieve better results in more difficult locations than in the past such as tree canopy.  Furthermore, we are seeing faster acquisition of the satellites and resolution of the ambiguities which lead to more productivity in the field.  Tilt sensors now permit unprecedented productivity in the data acquisition without sacrifice in precision.  With these great advances with GNSS, we may challenge ourselves and our best practices moving forward.

The trainings on Tuesday, 12 June, have limited space, so don’t wait! Register today.

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