Manufacturing Intelligence Track


How can manufacturing embrace digital transformation? What will the roles of design, engineering, production and quality teams be in the future? How can we make factories smarter? The Manufacturing Intelligence Track explores the big questions on the minds of manufacturers through insightful sessions from Hexagon customers, partners and subject matter experts. Attendees will engage with peers on key industry trends and look at the impact of new technology, processes and production methods on how products come to market.

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Norbert Hanke, President, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence | @NorbertHanke
The Manufacturing Intelligence Keynote sets the stage for the Manufacturing Intelligence Track sessions, inspiring attendees and igniting ideas for discussion during the conference. Introduced by Norbert Hanke and featuring leading guest speakers from the world of manufacturing, this fast-paced presentation will look at the current landscape in manufacturing and explore the potential of the next disruptive technologies and trends.Watch the 2018 keynote


Showcasing the latest manufacturing technology and highlighting cutting-edge application stories, the Manufacturing Intelligence Track offers sessions, training and workshops for manufacturing industry professionals from every sector and experience level. From software training and focused user groups to dedicated executive sessions for manufacturing leaders, each session is designed to help you explore new ideas and learn how to improve the way you operate.

Track presentations will explore the state of the industry with expert insight, new technology introductions and interactive solution demonstrations. You’ll see how industry peers are implementing smart manufacturing principles and harnessing the power of connected data to work with speed and confidence and improve quality. With subtracks for Design and Engineering, Production and Metrology – each featuring user-group sessions, expert commentary and customer stories – our session programme offers manufacturing professionals unique learning opportunities in their fields, as well as bringing everyone together for cross-functional plenary discussions.

New for 2019 are the Aerospace and Automotive subtracks, giving industry peers the chance to discuss key challenges and trends while providing cross-sector learning opportunities for those in other segments.

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Explore Our Latest Technologies

Experience the potential of data as the Manufacturing Intelligence Track brings digitalised manufacturing to The Zone technology expo. This is your chance to get hands-on with the latest solutions for the smart factory from Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, including:

  • CAE simulation and analysis software
  • production software
  • metrology systems and factory analytics tools

Visit The Zone to enjoy live demonstrations with highly-knowledgeable product developers and application engineers.

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