Mining Track


Your industry is undergoing a transformation. Successful mines recognize that a unified digital strategy is essential to improve support for business decision-making. Increased productivity, lower costs and improved safety depend on it. At HxGN LIVE 2019, the Mining Track will present the story of how Hexagon is helping to drive this digital transformation by removing administrative burdens and reducing complexities. Customers and our specialists will deliver technical sessions explaining the technology driving this story. In the Zone you’ll learn first-hand about the innovation and integration of solutions spanning safety, planning and operations. Network with your peers at HxGN LIVE’s numerous social events. Come prepared: leave inspired!


Learn more about the technology that’s helping to shape smart change in the mining industry. Client presentations will illustrate the profound benefits of a digital strategy built on integrated technology. Our subject matter experts will address the challenges facing miners and how our solutions can help. Bring your toughest questions!

Attend sessions covering a variety of topics, including:

  • Survey and monitoring
  • Mine planning, modeling, design
  • Fleet management, machine health, precision guidance
  • Collision avoidance, fatigue monitoring, vehicle intervention
  • Reverse guidance, semi-autonomous
  • Integrated roadmap, revealing the next generation of solutions for a fully integrated digital mine

Explore Our Latest Technologies

Visit us in the Zone for demos and discussions of products spanning:

  • Survey and monitoring
  • Planning, operations and safety

What are the challenges facing you and your mine? Are you pursuing a digital strategy to make the most of your data? Drop by – we’d love to chat about the solutions helping to shape a digital mine!

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