HxGN LIVE’s technology expo is going to feature Hexagon’s cutting-edge technologies from across divisions with a special focus on Xalt, Hexagon’s revolutionary framework for accelerating digital transformation.

The Demo zone will feature latest innovations from Hexagon divisions like Geospatial, Geosystems, Manufacturing Intelligence, Mining, PPM, and Safety & Infrastructure enabling a sense of how autonomous connected ecosystems (ACE) works. It is during this time that you best connect with Hexagon experts, partners, exhibiting vendors, and industry peers, and experience live, hands-on demonstrations of forward-looking solutions.


Presenting a comprehensive Command & Control Centre (CCC) setup, which can receive multiple alerts & inputs in the form of calls, SMS, pictures and videos. The CCC showcases its ability to take real time action by directing required agencies and putting up a coordinated front to tackle the problem at hand. CCC also enables multiple workflows for the land registration agencies and municipalities such that audits and verifications can be performed. The means and methods of digitizing of the city and its utilities in 2D and 3D models both above and below the ground will be displayed.


Presenting of the complete lifecycle of a product development using various Hexagon products at various stages. Starting with creation of the design of a product using reverse engineering. Design validation and incorporation of the design feedback using NASTRAN. Machining simulation and the actual process of manufacturing. Driving of precision measurement using CMM through mobile and edge interfacing. Assessment of quality and process. And finally present of data on the Smart Factory Dashboards.


Hexagon offers various smart, state of the art solutions using disruptive technologies for industrial facilities with the aim to make them smarter & autonomous. Here we bring we a set of use cases to demonstrate how we can digitalize a process facility either green filed project or brown filed project to deliver a “Digital Twin” and how safety, operations and maintenance activities are carried out using this digital twin.


Hexagon’s latest state of the art integrated solutions for construction industry brings disruptive technologies for reduced project costs and speedy delivery. Here we demonstrate these solutions that intelligently links model, schedule & cost information to support 3D, 4D & 5D process in a simple-to-use cloud and mobile solution.


Showcasing the four elements of the Hexagon product framework which is used by all the divisional product suites, namely; Mobility, Integration, Edge computing and AI.

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Hexagon is hosting exciting HxGN LIVE INDIA 2020. Experience our technology innovations this year at New Delhi.