Intergraph InService Sessions

Explore conference sessions about Hexagon's outage management system.

Intergraph InService Vision & Roadmap, with Focus on New Products

Eric Chartte, Hexagon's Safety & Infrastructure division
Paul Fountain, Hexagon's Safety & Infrastructure division

Make better decisions for your utility by understanding the future of Hexagon’s utility operations. Explore the future of InService’s advanced applications, user experience and the role of web services that enable utilities to extend the as operated model throughout the enterprise with web and mobile applications.

In this session, hear about the future of InService, including how utilities will be able to leverage and advanced applications for proactive grid management.

Intergraph InService 9.4 Technical Delta & Tips

Douglass Stitt, Hexagon's Safety & Infrastructure division

Are you ready to take advantage of everything InService has to offer? Join us for a detailed walkthrough of new parameters, services, and database changes associated with InService 9.4.

In this instructor- led session, discover how to set up, configure, and leverage features to make the most of your outage and mobile workforce management solution.

Data Requirements for Intergraph InService Power Flow and InService Fault Location

Chad Calkins, Hexagon's Safety & Infrastructure division

An ADMS solution enables a utility to react to outages, but the system’s real value comes from enabling proactive actions to mitigate issues before outages occur. This is made possible by alerting system operations when power flow analysis determines an overload or over / under voltage condition exists on the grid, enabling the utility to take preventative measures to alleviate the problem through switch planning.

InService Power Flow Analysis is part of the advanced application package for the Hexagon ADMS suite. It can run analysis automatically based on topology change, at periodic set points, or when predetermined percentage change in loading is determined; it may be run manually for a subset of the network. In this instructor-led session, attendees will gain insight into how to build the data model for Fault Location and Power Flow.

Case Study: How Oncor Electric Delivery & Wisconsin Public Service Leverage FLOC to locate faults quicker

Jonathan Smith, Oncor Electric Delivery
Len Socha, Wisconsin Public Service

North American utilities are under pressure to reduce the duration of outages. Integrating smart meters to outage management systems has improved outage prediction, but it can only confirm the system is using the correct device prediction. The next leap forward in power restoration is a smart system that analyzes the distribution network in real-time and projects possible fault locations.

InService Fault Location addresses those issues as part of the ADMS suite. It can run short circuit calculations in a fraction of a second and with real-time input from telemetered devices and accurately pinpoint possible faults. This means utility crews can locate problems quickly and spend less time patrolling lines.

In this session, explore success stories from early adopters of this revolutionary technology.