Make sense of the dynamically changing world with the help of the Geospatial Track. Envision, experience and communicate geographic information like never before through Hexagon Geosptial's technologies.


Dive into all that Geosystems has to offer through the Geosystems Track. Learn about reality capture technologies that create digital realities and allow for better understanding, planning and execution.


Check out all that the Mining Track has to offer, including integrated solutions that connect surveying, planning and operations in real or near real-time. See a demo and learn about the technologies shaping the digital mine!

Manufacturing Intelligence

The Manufacturing Intelligence Track showcases innovative data-driven manufacturing techniques that are redefining quality and productivity in the factory. Explore these innovations and learn about the latest!


Join the PPM Track and learn how our software solutions take unorganized data and transform it into intelligent, actionable information enabling smarter design, construction, operation and management.

Safety & Infrastructure

Learn how to make better, timelier and more informed decisions by joining the Safety & Infrastructure Track. Gain insight into information that helps plan and deliver services that can help solve the world's ever-evolving challenges.