Preliminary Agenda

Surveying & Infrastructure

  • Keeping a complex engineering project on-track, by combining the best technologies.
  • A seamless workflow for terrestrial and UAV technologies.
  • Automated deformation monitoring with Leica GeoMoS.
  • Saleable GIS – from metre to centimetre accuracy.

HDS 3D Laser Scanning

  • HDS for Building Construction: Multi-CAD workflows
  • HDS for Public Safety: detection and prevention
  • Technical Insights into HDS/Laser Scanning Innovations with Leica Geosystems Senior Staff
  • The Future of HDS/Laser Scanning Software and Demos of the Latest Features

Building Construction

  • Bringing it all together.
  • See what happens when the P40, BLK 360, Pegasus Backpack and horizontal and vertical BIM software come together in a unified experience.
  • Reality Capture in small building construction projects.
  • Until recently, laser scanning has been reserved for larger projects due to the cost and complexity of implementation. Learn from real users how the BLK 360 is bringing reality capture to projects of any size.
  • Workforce enablement for a digital construction future.
  • Learn how Leica Geosystems is partnering with craft training organisations to bring digital layout to the field, and best practices for training your own workforce.

Public Safety

  • BLK360 Deployment for Public Safety Operations.
    The BLK360 has provided an innovative approach to Reality Capture from its revolutionary port-ability to excellent speed of capture wherein public safety deployment, every second matters and lives are on the line. The BLK360 has applications in all facets of public safety, from crime and crash scene to incident management. This session will provide an overview regarding the deployment of the BLK360 in a Public Safety context.
  • P-Series Scanning and Forensic Analysis
    The Leica ScanStations P30, P40, and P50 are top of the line hardware solutions for public safety scene capture. When considering scene analysis, point cloud accuracy and clean presentation of data are critical components and P-series ScanStations are industry leaders in this area. The P-series scanner has exceptional robust weather durability and when evidence or scene integrity is jeopardised by weather, the ScanStation plows through capturing data in wildly varied conditions. This session will present the value of accuracy and durability of the P-series scanner and will differentiate between imaging scanners and scientific grade scanner as de-ployed for general public safety use versus scientific and forensic analysis using 3-D laser scanners.
  • Unique Perspectives: Leveraging Output to “Tell the Story”
    Public Safety hardware solutions efficiently engage hardware to collect data effectively. Sharing data is equally important as in many instances; this becomes the “story” of the crime scene. The Incident Mapping Suite (IMS Map360) is a premiere solution for forensic reconstruction of crime and crash scenes. It is built on the latest IntelliCAD engine and IMS Map360 provides output options including 2D scale diagrams (CAD), snapshots, and animations. Cyclone JetStream and Cyclone TruView also present robust methods of data sharing. JetStream and the JetStream Viewer file format allows public safety agencies to share point clouds effectively with investigators, attorneys, and any personnel related to an investigation. TruView can be used for local sharing or via the TruView Global or TruView Cloud options with web addressed file locations available for viewing anywhere there is an internet connection. As a rapid response product, scans can be published into a TruView from the field, a concept that will help share da-ta faster and preserve the integrity of the crime scene by preventing site visits from unneces-sary personnel. This session will share output methods that “tell the story” effectively. 

Transportation (Mobile Mapping)

  • Building Road Infrastructures using Mobile LiDAR System
  • Reality Capture using the Pegasus:Backpack – indoors and underground
  • Experiences with Pegasus:Two Mobile Mapping System

Heavy Construction

  • Bringing 3D planning to construction
  • Digitising road works
  • Productivity gains with 3D machine control

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