Geosystems Keynote

Juergen Dold, President, Hexagon's Geosystems Division | @JuergenDold

Beyond Reality. Digital Reality’s Next Frontier
Wednesday 12 June | 11:00 a.m. PDT | Venetian Ballroom

What if we could search physical spaces as easily as we search text? What if we could hyperlink objects in the physical world as simply as we hyperlink content? Join Juergen Dold, President of Hexagon’s Geosystems division, as he shares Hexagon’s vision for digitizing Earth and all she holds in it, where all things are machine readable and subject to the power of algorithms. The realization of this potential will unleash millions of opportunities that transport us to a never-before-seen world of possibility.

Burkhard Boeckem, CTO, Hexagon's Geosystems Division | @BurkhardBoeckem

Embrace Reality: The BLK story accelerates
Thursday 13 June l 11 a.m. PDT l Venetian Ballroom

Opportunities continue to be in motion for digitising the world around us and connecting businesses to create valuable ecosystems. Discover how new possibilities in industries never accessible before are opening up with reality capture technology.

In his keynote address, Hexagon’s Geosystems division CTO Burkhard Boeckem will showcase what it means to embrace reality and how the popular BLK product line is accelerating business opportunities. Join him as he explores innovations that are democratising industries and breaking down barriers.

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