Autonomy & Positioning Reality Summit Detail

Creating new possibilities for safe autonomy and assured positioning


Achieving autonomy across industries and applications is vital to sustainability through lower carbon emissions, reduced waste, increased productivity and, above all, the safety of people. How do we enable an autonomous future? We need to ensure that autonomy is safe and positioning is accurate, reliable and assured to get there.

What you’ll learn

The Autonomy & Positioning Reality Summit will explore high-precision positioning technologies, methods of ensuring reliability and accuracy anywhere in the world and how to protect this positioning from interference, jamming and spoofing threats. We’ll explain how high-quality Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) positioning delivers the foundation to enable autonomous applications – sessions will feature case studies and examples of autonomy from urban taxis and rural transit vehicles to off-road autonomous tractors and automated road-train hauling.

Behind every autonomous application is a complex fusion of GNSS positioning, correction data, perception sensor suites, resiliency methods and more. This summit provides attendees with an inside look at integrating these technologies into their own systems to achieve safe autonomy and assured positioning.

We’re proud to receive certification from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) for individuals to earn up to 10 professional development hours (PDH) or one continuing education unit (CEU) for attending the Summit. This certification speaks to the education-first approach to every session taking place during the Summit.

Plan your journey

Join the summit in-person or virtually to hear from experienced industry leaders about the future of technologies and solutions enabling safe autonomy and assured positioning. Not all sessions will be available in the virtual programme so we invite you to join us in-person for the full educative experience.

We’re excited to host keynotes from:
  • Dr. Robert Thirsk, Canadian engineer, physician and former Canadian Space Agency astronaut
  • Omar Ahmad, deputy director of the National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADS) at the University of Iowa
  • Venkat Krovi, the Michelin endowed chair professor of vehicle automation at Clemson University
  • Todd Walter, director of the wide-area differential GNSS laboratory at Stanford University

Summit sessions will explore:
  • Achieving sensor fusion and localisation in autonomous systems across applications
  • Applying aviation safety-of-life analyses to autonomous vehicle navigation
  • Building a resilient system against interference, jamming and spoofing to achieve assured positioning, navigation and timing (APNT)
  • Defining functional safety and integrity within fully integrated GNSS and autonomous solutions
  • Demonstrating off-road autonomy in long-haul transportation systems for mining
  • Developing a worldwide GNSS corrections solution with centimetre-level accuracy, 99.999% availability and under three-minute convergence for assured positioning
  • Integrating perception and GNSS positioning into precision agriculture for autonomous equipment 

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