Autonomy & Positioning Reality Summit Detail

Creating new possibilities for safe autonomy and assured positioning


Safe autonomy and assured positioning are top priorities for industries worldwide. Most familiar to the public are driverless vehicles, and safely deploying millions of them is one of the world’s most difficult tasks. Managed correctly, we can protect people and dramatically lower carbon emissions – yet there are serious tasks and engineering challenges to consider.

Autonomous mobility:
  • Must be significantly safer than the best human drivers. 
  • Doesn’t depend on a single technology — an aggregate of different technologies and services working together is required. 
  • Demands an entire community of partners to harness all these technologies into a single integrated platform.

At Hexagon, we enable and accelerate the identification of autonomy requirements across a variety of industries. For example, our hardware and software solutions fast-track autonomous vehicle research and development, starting with the platform. All of it can be tested in simulation, validating concepts safely and efficiently. These solutions empower our customers to compete in established and emerging autonomous vehicle markets.

Satellite-based, assured positioning is not only essential for driverless cars, but also is fundamental to precision operations across agriculture, automotive, marine and mining applications. From ensuring optimal planting and harvesting of crops to supporting functional safety within autonomous vehicles, positioning using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) constellations and correction data is key for safe operations and reliable navigation around the world. 

What you’ll learn

Summit attendees will learn how autonomy and precise positioning work and how they will positively impact industries and communities around the globe. From cutting-edge engineering and integration services to reliable and resilient position, navigation and timing measurements, the Autonomy & Positioning Reality Summit explores the latest technologies shaping tomorrow’s realities.

You will learn about solutions that are currently empowering autonomy in research vessels, fleets of self-driving on-road and off-road vehicles and large-scale equipment. You will also experience the high-precision GNSS technology providing the accuracy, availability and reliability that a vehicle requires to be self-driving.

Plan your journey

Join the summit in person or virtually to hear from experienced industry leaders about the future of technologies and solutions for Autonomy & Positioning. Organisations best able to leverage the power of critical data are the ones that don’t simply survive but thrive.