Connected Cities and Services Summit

The evolution of safety, security and reliability

In today’s world, it’s no longer enough for communities, governments, and organisations to be smart. Changing expectations, evolving crises, and continuous innovation are driving the transformation of cities, governments, and service providers in an increasingly autonomous world. Organisations are trying their best to keep up, but the pace of change can overtake even the most agile enterprise.

The Connected Cites & Services Summit brings together critical information, systems and organisations to solve these challenges. The right solutions and coordinated capabilities enhance safety, security, optimisation and resiliency to better support and manage growing demand and modernise services.

Hear from experienced industry leaders about their strategies for achieving success. Work with today’s certainties to prepare for tomorrow’s unknowns so that your organisation won’t merely survive but thrive.

Digital reality for critical infrastructure and services

Innovate your planning, operations and IT

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Connected Cities & Services Summit

See what you’ll learn during the Connected Cities & Services Summit at HxGN LIVE Global 2022 and how it can better position you for the connected future.