Digital Industrial Facilities Summit Detail

Contextualising and integrating data to fuel your digital journey


Actionable data is the thread that weaves throughout the lifecycle of intelligent industrial facilities. From design to construction to operations and maintenance, that data creates a digital ecosystem from multiple sources, all tied together in a digital twin. Created in all phases of project and operations, this data can be leveraged for capital planning and strategic objectives that drive competitive financial performance.

Explore the possibilities for your autonomous future and hear from customers who are reaping the benefits of digital industrial facilities. 

What you’ll learn

Projects are growth engines for many businesses despite their increasing size, volume, complexity and scrutiny. Unfortunately, large projects have tended to overrun both schedule and budget, ultimately yielding low margins. In an increasingly competitive global environment, driving better outcomes by transforming people, processes and data is essential to remain competitive.

Intelligent, data-driven technologies are key to tackling these challenges. Thriving industrial facilities are leveraging digital solutions that speed processes, reduce costs and drive quick time to value for customers. Hexagon’s solutions revolutionise every stage of the industrial facilities lifecycle, providing scalable, intuitive solutions. Whatever you hope to learn, this summit offers the opportunity to see, hear, experience and ask our industry leaders and experts.

Plan your journey

Join the summit in person or virtually to hear from experienced industry leaders about their strategies for:

  • A Sustainable Digital Foundation for the Asset Lifecycle
  • Digital Design Driving Autonomous Project Delivery and Operations
  • Exploiting Data for Excellence in Operations, Maintenance and Sustainability

Organisations best able to leverage the power of critical data are the ones that don’t simply survive but thrive.