Who should attend

Paving the way to your autonomous future

who should

The Future of Manufacturing Summit is valuable for anyone who contributes to the manufacturing ecosystem, such as executives and managers, factory workers, digital innovators and anyone interested in accelerating the industry’s digital transformation.

Digitalising your manufacturing

  • Take control of your manufacturing ecosystem.
  • Add agility and resilience to your processes with digital solutions.
  • Leverage data from the real and virtual worlds throughout the product lifecycle.
  • Give your stakeholders real-time access to the manufacturing data they need, when they need it.

Optimising workflows to create value with today’s data

  • Manage rich data sets with advanced analytics to make more informed decisions.
  • Drive continuous improvement of processes through actionable insights.
  • Enable data-driven collaboration between departments and stakeholders.
  • Ensure that your data never goes to waste and provides valuable returns.

Unlocking the power of data to enable an autonomous future

  • Get a holistic view of your operations through advanced data insights.
  • Integrate key learnings across functions and respond rapidly to changing demands.
  • Deploy the power of AI, machine learning and data orchestration to accelerate optimisation.
  • Use data-driven automation and move towards increasingly autonomous processes.