Intelligent Mining Summit Detail

Propelling digital transformation with sensors, software and enterprise solutions that autonomously connect ecosystems


Today’s mines face enormous challenges: volatile fuel and commodity prices; increasing pressure to be safer and more sustainable; and greater scrutiny by authorities, shareholders and the public. Digital transformation helps answer these challenges. But digital transformation demands more than niche technology and partial solutions. This is where one life-of-mine technology partner, capable of connecting all parts of a mine, becomes incredibly powerful! We call this The Power of One.

As a global leader in digital reality solutions, combining sensor, software and autonomous technologies, Hexagon helps mines to become situationally aware, self-learning and autonomously connected.

Across planning, operations and safety, Hexagon sensors, software and enterprise solutions accelerate mining’s digital transformation. By integrating data and processes, miners are informed and empowered to make smart decisions, no matter their location.

Join our specialists to learn how Hexagon support and innovation can accelerate your digital transformation. Hear from customers who are reaping the benefits of an intelligent mine.

What you’ll learn

Safely improving productivity without sacrificing sustainability efforts is a critical balance for a successful mining operation. Even small mistakes can mean millions of dollars lost, fuel and energy wasted, and safety compromised. In this summit, you’ll discover how digitally transforming your mine can help maintain this balance, increasing profits, reducing waste and improving safety.

Hexagon’s digital mining solutions are built on forward-thinking, proven technologies that create new opportunities across the life of the mine. By connecting planning, operations and safety, mines can continually improve to become holistic, situationally aware, self-learning autonomous connected ecosystems. Whatever you hope to learn, this summit offers the opportunity to see, hear, experience and ask our industry leaders and experts.

Plan your journey

Join the summit in person or virtually to hear from experienced industry leaders about their strategies for Dynamic Mine Planning, Bridging the Operations Gap, Safety and the Pursuit of Zero Harm, Drill and Blast Excellence, and Smart Digital Realities and the Impact of Total Monitoring. Organisations best prepared to meet today’s certainties and tomorrow’s unknowns are the ones that don’t simply survive but thrive.