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Driving the mining industry’s digital transformation

who should

The Intelligent Mining Summit is for anyone focused on life-of-mine productivity, safety and sustainability.

Dynamic Mine Planning

  • Learn how Hexagon is innovating for the next half century, narrowing the gap between planning and operations.
  • Discover how we achieve better short-interval control, plus enterprise integration, to reveal greater insight into drill and blast analytics.

Bridging the Operations Gap

  • Learn how to do more with less by taking a straighter path to intelligent mining.
  • Find out how an integrated operations portfolio cuts costs and increases efficiency.

Safety and the Pursuit of Zero Harm

  • Experience unparalleled integration of sensors and software that tackle the numerous and varied dangers faced by miners daily.
  • Learn how our solutions mitigate risks posed by vehicle and pedestrian traffic, blind spots, distraction, fatigue and slope instability.

Drill and Blast Excellence

  • Explore Hexagon’s holistic solution for drill and blast, which can save millions of dollars in ore loss.
  • Learn how our solution can be tailored to your mine, improving profit from every blast 1% at a time.
  • Find out how Hexagon’s combination of technical expertise, integrated solutions and enterprise analytics delivers unprecedented drill and blast improvements.

Smart Digital Realities and the Impact of Total Monitoring

  • Experience how a smart digital reality embodied by radar, geodetic and geotechnical sensors combined into one solution brings profound benefits to slope stability monitoring.
  • Learn how customers benefit from our expert 24/7 support.