As our world changes more and more rapidly, we need not only to access, but to understand data faster than ever before. Hexagon Geospatial provides tools and platforms to improve our understanding of the real world, in real time

This year, the Geospatial Track includes the dynamic and powerful real-time visualization capabilities of Luciad technology. Trusted by some of the world’s most prestigious and forward-thinking institutions, Luciad makes real-time data visualization a reality.

The Geospatial Track provides a chance to see how Hexagon is empowering all levels of businesses, governments, and industries to not only understand what was and what is, but to simulate what could be, model what should be, and shape what will be.

Join with us and engage with industry-specific content that’s fresh and relevant. Attendees will see how emerging technology transforms the way we interact with the world to analyze our surroundings so we can visualize, understand and plan for a smarter world.

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Hands-On Training

This year, we have expanded our training sessions to offer even more hands-on experience with our world-leading software. Our experts will lead you through hands-on exercises, teaching you the best practices for using Hexagon Geospatial software to help you understand the reality of your situation so you can effectively shape the future of our world.

This year we are featuring hands-on training sessions on these solutions:

  • Real-time data visualization (Luciad)
  • Building customized, targeted, location-based solutions (Hexagon Smart M.App and M.App Enterprise)
  • Cloud-based geospatial data exploitation and IMINT (M.App X)
  • Remote sensing, data analysis, and modelling (ERDAS IMAGINE)
  • Dynamic GIS analysis, modelling, and 3D visualization (GeoMedia)
  • Optimized data storage, cataloging, and delivery (ECW and ERDAS APOLLO)
  • Customizing WebGIS platforms to suit industry needs (GeoMedia Smart Client and WebGIS)

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Breakout Sessions

Hear real-life customer testimonials from around the world that highlight end-to-end workflows. Receive exciting updates and learn more about customer case studies and new Power Portfolio-based solutions.

  • Smart City + Smart Nation: See how Smart Cities around the globe use Hexagon technology to shape the way they plan, budget, analyze and communicate.
  • Defense & Intelligence: Transform your data into an accurate picture of the world. Make smarter operational decisions where and when you need them.
  • Aviation & Maritime: These industries share a need for real-time, robust, secure, highly reliable and easy-to-use systems. See how our customers harness the power of live data to ensure safety, efficiency, and innovative thinking.
  • 5D Platform: Learn how to utilize our world-class technology and embrace the shift from static information to 5D information.

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