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At HxGN LIVE, sessions are available that specifically target your interests and allow you to gain the most value from your conference experience. Click on the links below to see specific sessions pre-filtered by track, or explore the full session catalogue.

  • Geospatial Track: Bridge the divide between geospatial and operational worlds. | Explore Sessions
  • Geosystems Track: Go “beyond reality” and explore never-before-seen possibilities in reality capture. | Explore Sessions
  • Manufacturing Intelligence Track: Discover where smart quality is hiding in plain sight for your manufacturing operations. | Explore Sessions
  • Mining Track: Dig deeper by increasing safety, removing administrative burdens, reducing complexities and so much more. | Explore Sessions
  • PPM Track: Place your bets on the future of digital transformation for industrial assets. | Explore Sessions
  • Safety & Infrastructure Track: Public safety is always on — be sure to take advantage of digital solutions to help your agency thrive. | Explore Sessions


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Hexagon's smart solutions portfolio drives sustainable value creation for our customers by putting data to work. Hexagon can help achieve your aspirations to boost efficiency, productivity and quality across industrial, manufacturing, infrastructure, safety or mobility applications.

Be sure to explore all HxGN LIVE 2019 has to offer, as you may discover interesting sessions outside of your affiliated track. Click below to see a pre-filtered list of sessions that correspond to our smart solutions portfolio.

  • Smart Factories learn and adapt quickly to changing conditions in real time, pursuing perfect quality with optimized inputs and zero waste. | Explore Sessions
  • Smart Industrial Facilities ramp up quickly while operating safely and reliably throughout a more sustainable, longer-term lifespan. | Explore Sessions
  • Smart Mines are efficient to operate, while maximizing safety and minimally impacting the environment throughout the life of a mine. | Explore Sessions
  • Smart Buildings & Infrastructure projects are optimised to reduce rework and build to plan – on time and on budget — while protecting human and material resources throughout the life of the asset. | Explore Sessions
  • Smart Cities & Nations ensure governments, industry, and citizens work together to build safe and vibrant communities that promise the highest quality of life and sustainable economic vitality. | Explore Sessions

Unleashing the power of autonomy

Hexagon has a bold vision for an autonomous future where business, industry and humanity sustainably thrive.