PPM Keynote

Mattias Stenberg, President, Hexagon's PPM Division | @MattiasPlus 

It’s Time to Place Your Bets
Wednesday 12 June | 9:30 a.m. PDT | Venetian Ballroom

Every company in our industry needs to place its bets on the digital future. A surprising number are only betting on small, incremental change – while others are still backing the status quo. So where is Hexagon placing its big bets? Join Mattias Stenberg, President of Hexagon’s PPM division, as he puts all of his cards on the table to explain the industry-changing wagers he is making and why. At stake is an industrial landscape filled with complexity, risk, tectonic shifts, new competitors and volatility. Hexagon is countering with a portfolio of smart bets that will drive simplicity, safety, efficiency, and increasingly autonomous operations throughout the lifecycle of your industrial ecosystem. 


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Betting on ACEs
Thursday 13 June | 8:00 a.m. PDT | Venetian Ballroom

Mega industrial and building construction projects are becoming increasingly complex and competitive. Hexagon’s PPM division is helping customers stack the deck in their favor with a robust portfolio of digital solutions. Join Chuck Gill, VP of Go-to-Market & Field Development at Hexagon’s PPM division, as he demonstrates how autonomous connected ecosystems are taking the complication out of complex projects. See how Hexagon is empowering an autonomous future that leverages and connects data across the project ecosystem, optimizing resources while increasing productivity and safety.

Doubling Down in Operations and Maintenance
Thursday 13 June | 1:30 p.m. PDT | Venetian Ballroom

Jaclyn Arnold, Hexagon’s VP of Owner Operator Business for the PPM division, will explore industry trends in Operations and Maintenance and how digitalization fits. You’ll learn the value digitialisation can provide in increasing safety, breaking down communication barriers, and reducing opportunities for human error throughout your O&M ecosystem. Come discover how the cost of business-as-usual continues to rise for those who wait on the sideline and what winning looks like when you double down on Operations and Maintenance.

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