Safety & Infrastructure in The Zone

Discover solutions for building safer, smarter cities in The Zone, HxGN LIVE’s technology expo, featuring more than 120,000 square feet of innovative technologies and product demos.

In Smart Cities & Nations, you’ll discover industry-leading solutions for:

  • Data Mining & Analytics – identify and mitigate risk and improve resource management and operational efficiency.

  • Next Generation Call-Taking & Dispatching – manage communications and critical information from multimedia sources and coordinate and track resources and situations in real time.

  • Multi-Agency Resource Management – provide the information and capabilities to optimize resources across multiple services and jurisdictions.

  • Infrastructure Management & Operation – better understand asset conditions, minimize vital service disruptions, and expedite recovery.

  • Incident Command Systems – enable collaboration between emergency and other city services for faster, more efficient major event planning, response, recovery, and mitigation.

  • Mobile Working – empower personnel, increase situational awareness, and enhance efficiency and service delivery.

  • Digital Records & Evidence – collect and manage information about people, places, and incidents to aid evidence-based investigations and decision-making.

  • Dashboards & Reporting – make information accessible, interactive, and fact-based for greater insight, visibility, and engagement.