The Zone

Learn how you can shape smart change

The Zone at HxGN LIVE is ground zero for the future of digital solutions and Shaping Smart Change. This hands-on technology expo annually features more than 120,000 square feet of transformative technologies from each of Hexagon’s divisions, our partners, and other technology vendors. Try out the latest solutions and hear groundbreaking stories from change-makers from around the world. The Zone is a can’t-miss experience that will inspire you to become the change you want to see in your business and beyond.

Make your way through Geospatial, Geosystems, Manufacturing Intelligence, Mining, PPM, and Safety & Infrastructure to gain a sense of how autonomous connected ecosystems (ACE) apply across industries on a global scale. Interact with forward-thinkers and visualise location data in totally new ways; discover the secrets to truly smart cities; immerse yourself in endless possibilities of digitalization; discover the power of connected data with solutions that advance the smart digital factory and the smart digital mine; peek at the future of engineering design, construction, operation, and management, and new technologies to help providers leverage big data, integrated emergency and infrastructure management solutions; and so much more.

How to Maximize Your Experience in The Zone

Meet the Experts

Ask our experts any and all of your questions – they are available to show you the interworkings of all the technologies in The Zone. Feel free to test the limits of our experts’ knowledge and find solutions to your toughest real-world challenges here.

Get Hands-On

You may be fascinated by the new, cutting-edge technologies you see, but The Zone is most definitely not a museum. We encourage rolling up your sleeves and exploring the Zone. Take advantage of your chance to really experiment with what these new technologies can do and how they will work for you. Scan, touch, drive, and demo cool concepts, cloud technologies, and 5D solutions that will bring the world to life right in front of your eyes.


HxGN LIVE’s onsite engagement program animates your experience through a series entertaining games and contests that build relationships and create memories. The more you participate, the better chances you’ll have to take home tech toys and small prizes. Be sure to join fellow attendees in an unforgettable experience. Compete, have fun, and win!